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Spy (2015)

Spy 2015 lateral MMC

It takes a woman to save the world.  In this fabulously funny James Bond spoof (who knew it would take so long to make another one in the English language?) Melissa McCarthy is Coop, the desk-bound CIA analyst in the basement forever whispering sweet life-saving nothings into the ear of dashing Bradley Fine (Jude Law), the proper gentleman spy presumed killed at the hands of dreadful nuke-buying Rayna Boyanov (Rose Byrne) who has enormous hair and serious daddy issues, in a neat reversal of the daft Skyfall. She’s hilariously vain and cripplingly insecure and a total brute. So far, so Bond. Goaded on by her BFF Nancy (British TV comedienne Miranda Hart), tripped up by deluded wonderspy Rick Ford (an hilarious Jason Statham), slobbered over by presumed multilingual (fnarr fnarr) agent Aldo (Peter Serafinowicz), she eludes death, apocalypse and ultimately humiliation by her boss Elaine Crocker (Alison Janney) when she goes out into the field in the capitals of Europe. Whipsmart, knowing, a proper two fingers to the world of male superciliousness, this is Paul Feig’s valentine to the wonderful McCarthy, who has come a long way from their overrated collaboration in Bridesmaids and is a proper postmodern feminist action heroine here. Glamorous locations, hilarious setups, wonderful self-deprecation. Funny? That’s just the half of it. Long may she run. And Paul Feig – especially if he can give Goldie Hawn the role she deserves to bring her back onscreen.


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