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Mahogany (1975)

Mahogany poster.jpg

There were a few fashion films made in the 70s – Eyes of Laura Mars and Lipstick come to mind – but none was so in love with the business of costume as this, a vanity project by Berry Gordy for his lady love, Miss Diana Ross. A classic career girl/rags to riches tale this one has Tracy come up from the slums of Chicago to the glitter of Roman society and that’s where we come in – a success reviewing her choices which have seen some pretty rum outcomes. Strange and effete photographer Anthony Perkins (who was himself married to fashion photographer Berry Berenson) makes her a modelling star, Jean-Pierre Aumont carries the keys to the kingdom, but activist turned wannabe politico Billy Dee Williams keeps dragging her heart back to Chicago, once again matching Miss Ross after his turn in Lady Sings the Blues. Gordy was assisted by Tony Richardson and Jack Wormser on directing duties, while the magnificent montage that decorates the midpoint sequence was made by Jack Cole. And the clothes were designed by Ross. Oh! What could be more fabulous than to love and be loved in return by a film such as this?

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