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Damnation Alley (1977)

Damnation Alley poster.jpg

For those in the know there isn’t much left of the source novel concerning the post-apocalyptic travails of a bunch of people who are thrown together trying to survive the impact of nuclear bombs which have tilted the earth’s axis and altered the climate (plus ca change…) Led by General George Peppard, teamed once again with Jack Smight for whom he starred in the director’s debut film (and who directed him in a couple of episodes of Banacek), this is a handsome, savvy production, undoubtedly due to the safe pair of hands it was in and the screenwriting chops of both Alan Sharp and Lukas Heller. This surely paved the way for Peppard’s A-Team role. It also stars Jan-Michael Vincent who had a few years of real stardom in the mid-70s and his charisma is tangible. Rounding out the cast are the unfortunate Paul Winfield, the beautiful Dominique Sanda who believed a promoter in Vegas that he could introduce her to Sinatra (and found herself in a shelter when the bombs fell) and the fascinating teenager Jackie Earle Haley who would be in a very interesting bicycling movie soon thereafter. It behoves us to state that should you find yourself in a nuclear explosion it helps to have a huge tank or all terrain vehicle. And beware the killer cockroaches.

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