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The Family Stone (2005)

The Family Stone English poster.jpg

The perfect Christmas movie with the best actors around – how hard can it be? Well this is a lesson to all those who say it can’t be done – ghastly new release Christmas With the Coopers being an object lesson in everything to be avoided. Here we have an uptight girlfriend (Sarah Jessica Parker) expecting to be the wife of an indecisive businessman (Dermot Mulroney) dragged to his family home for the holidays. Mom Diane Keaton is a smiling bully, Dad (Craig T. Nelson) is an aggressive hippy, sister (Rachel McAdams) is a horrible mix of the two while a gay brother has a black boyfriend and another sister is pregnant and already has a klepto daughter. Bullying PC hippies, in other words. A recipe made in hell.  How SJP finally comes undone when the weed-smoking film editor brother arrives late to the mix is quite something. Superb acting, especially by Keaton and Parker, make this an unmissable Christmas treat, gradually revealing everyone’s true character and motivations. It makes one wonder why writer/director Thomas Bezucha hasn’t had more success. Bit of a modern seasonal classic. Worth your Christmas Eve.


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