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The Wolfpack (2015)

The Wolfpack poster.jpg

Or how the 7  weird offspring of an unemployed Peruvian Indian conspiracy theorist and a white American mother spent their lives locked in a New York City apartment watching movies and making their own versions of them because life there was utter hell and none of them ventured out until 2010 because the father held the only key to the awful breeze block apartment in the projects. Quite why they’ve all been kept indoors is never made clear. The mother is clearly suffering from arrested development, the father possibly a mental case. How much is staged is unclear. We accompany the boys to their first trip to the cinema (the sister is retarded) but nobody else is there. The same is true for a family pumpkin picking trip which rounds out the film. There are intimations of abuse and incest but they remain unclarified. Another one for social services. Not to mention Immigration. This is no Capturing the Friedmans. Very seasonal. Not.


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