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Amy (2015)

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Part of the shock of Asif Kapadia’s moving documentary Senna lay in the technique of juxtaposing found footage with voiceover interviews and commentary – the backroom FIA scenes in which the drivers’ disposability was moot compared with the teams and organisation’s wishes for profit above safety. Also the size of the image on the cinema screen vis à vis the size of 90s TVs – talk about impact. The issue with Amy is more to do with familiarity due to the contemptuous media coverage of the superstar from London who literally disappeared before our eyes. Most of the film is home movies and some TV bulletins. The music is of course stupidly good, with Winehouse’s piercing lyrics scrawled across the screen just to drive home the loss. The real conflict is what happened in the last few weeks of her ridiculously short life – her bodyguard’s account versus that of her manager, who publicly stated that her concerts were not necessary but made her literally kill herself off onstage for financial reasons. Shocking.

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