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Barbara Rush

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‘I do Barbara Rush.’ It’s a great line in one of the great films of the Seventies, Shampoo, written by Robert Towne and Warren Beatty, directed by Hal Ashby, and uttered by Beatty as philandering hairdresser George when the bank manager asks for his bona fides. He doesn’t make the loan. Barbara Rush was born 4 January 1927, a beautiful brunette who reputedly doesn’t believe she ever got the great roles. We beg to differ – she appeared in a handful of Douglas Sirk’s films (which perhaps depend on your taste for kitsch) plus one of the great sci-fis, It Came From Outer Space, directed by Jack Arnold. To name but some. She achieved true fame on the original TV soap Peyton Place, was terrific in my childhood fave Flamingo Road and was a regular in the more recent show 7th Heaven. Happy Birthday Ms Rush!

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