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The Flame and the Arrow (1950)

The Flame and the Arrow poster.jpg

One of THE great romantic adventure movies – and probably a veiled comment about the Nazi occupation of Italy written as it was by the great Waldo Salt, a blacklistee. Incredible to look at with great swashbuckling scenes from Burt Lancaster as Dardo, the mute  acrobat Nick Cravat and love interest Virginia Mayo, one of those unsung actresses who did such good stuff for several years post-World War 2.  Remember her in White Heat, The Best Years of Our Lives, Wonder Man and Colorado Territory? She has a dazzling silver dress in this as well as a decent role – not her last opposite Lancaster. Watch those  buddies square up to the representatives of evil Mediaeval tyrant Barbarossa! This is a wonderfully colourful affair with good direction by Jacques Tourneur and great stunts by the leading man who really was trying to be the new Douglas Fairbanks. And the little boy who plays Dardo’s son is Gordon Gebert – the same scene-stealer from both The Narrow Margin and Holiday Affair. He grew up to become an architect and professor. Classic.


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