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The Terror (1963)

The Terror poster.jpg

What a shame that the ShowBiz channel had the duffest colour print of this that I’ve ever seen – a long way from the pristine version the BBC screened over 20 years ago. Still, it’s fun to see Jack Nicholson in this Napoleonic outing, with a script by Leo Gordon (who wrote Nicholson’s debut, Cry Baby Killer) and Jack Hill (who would make some darned impressive exploitation flicks of his own especially blaxploitation and then Switchblade Sisters) and Sandra Knight, Mrs Nicholson, not to mention the wonderful Karloff. And then there’s the fun of spotting other future filmmakers in the production listing – Monte Hellman and Francis Ford Coppola, who gets a credit but not for directing, which he did in part here – as did Hill and Nicholson, although only Roger Corman gets the credit.

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