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All the Right Noises (1971)

All the Right Noises movie poster.jpg

Given that Lesley-Ann Down features in a small role, it’s not hard to imagine Bruce Robinson hovering in the background and using some details for his own magnum opus, Withnail and I. This, coincidentally, was on Talking Pictures, the fascinating Brit-movie channel that has recently hoved into view, right after I had my umpteenth viewing of W&I. Starring the incredibly lovely Olivia Hussey (who BR must have known through the Zeffirelli experience in common) opposite kitchen realist star Tom Bell, this takes a favourite trope of the 60s British film – the young girl being seduced by a much older man. Very much a product of its time, then, but with the fillip of having the ring of truth. She doesn’t look 15 and he doesn’t act married – Judy Carne plays his formerly successful actress wife who’s now a stay-at-home with their children. It proves the adage however that men like to have affairs with girls with long hair. And the soundtrack by Melanie firmly roots it in its era. Written and directed by Gerry O’Hara, who has had a very interesting career. He worked as an AD from the mid-40s and when he was directing he started with a precursor to the Swinging London cycle, That Kind of Girl. As far as Swinging goes, he also directed The Pleasure Girls and Maroc 7 (I love it!) and then had a variable series of projects between TV and cinema, including Leopard in the Snow (kind of A Man and a Woman …. kind of) and culminating in the 70s with The Bitch. His last directing credit was on 1993’s The Mummy Lives but his screenwriting career continued to 1992 with 1989’s Ten Little Indians (how many incarnations have there been now?!) on IMdB. This is the version with Donald Pleasence and Frank Stallone….!

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