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The Face of an Angel (2015)

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The films of Michael Winterbottom tend to be eitherĀ of two varieties – good or verging on the unwatchable. This … falls between those two stools. It concerns a filmmaker (Daniel Bruhl) who goes to Italy to use a court case as the material for his new film. The court case is obviously based on the Meredith Kercher/Amanda Knox farrago and he finds himself ’embedded’ with journalists who have already made up their minds, for the most part deciding the lack of motive or circumstantial evidence convicts the angelic Knox, the American teenager who found herself in the eye of a very unpleasant storm with her new Italian boyfriend just a few weeks after moving to Italy on a gap year. He has a personal hell to deal with concerning his ex-girlfriend, a famous actress, a daughter who lives with her and a cocaine habit which he indulges courtesy of an English student (Cara Delevingne) on a gap year herself and who leads him into the Inferno, angelic face ‘n’ all. Then he sleeps with the journalist (Kate Beckinsale) who’s written about the case and sides with Kercher/Elizabeth. This is not a great film about filmmaking nor does it enlighten us as to why the Italian police are so inept and corrupt or their press so utterly mediaeval (Knox was called a witch and a whore on a daily basis). Likening the filmmaker’s personally indulgent druggy paranoia to Dante’s meditation on love is just stupid. There are great films about filmmaking and they are made by Fellini and Truffaut. This is not one. Quite degrading for all involved. The fact that it is dedicated to Kercher indicates what motivated the production. A travesty.

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