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Blind Date (1959)

Blind Date Losey poster

This was also known as Chance Meeting, so it makes it difficult to locate on databases. Joseph Losey made some amazing films. His work with Stanley Baker – what an interesting actor he was – consisted of this and Eva, a wonderful Venice-set thriller, and Accident, a brilliant work from a script by Harold Pinter. This was the first of their partnerships, an adaptation of a novel by Losey’s fellow blacklistee, Ben Barzman (these days all the films I see tend to be written by HUAC victims) who had first collaborated with him on The Boy With Green Hair. He apparently wrote Z uncredited (gee thanks M. Costa-Gavras!) and even set up the production in Algeria. The co-writer here was Millard Lampell, perhaps best known for The Wall. It’s a pretty conventional tale of artist Hardy Kruger accused of murdering his mistress (Micheline Presle) and interrogated by detective Stanley Baker. But it’s effectively told, with twist upon twist, allusions to class difference, foreignness and it’s set in the art world so there are opportunities to see London at a very interesting time. And it’s framed beautifully, by a bus journey. Not among the great Losey films but engrossing nonetheless.


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