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And Soon the Darkness (1970)

And Soon the Darkness poster.jpg

I had no compelling reason to view a thriller involving rape and murder. However I found out after leaving northern France, where I lived for a spell, that if you were to construct a Venn diagram, I lived where two serial killers’ patches intersected. Good to know. After I had walked miles alone each day on those flat roads for want of anything better to do in a particularly challenging location (word of advice: don’t). Anyhow, this stems from the brains of Brian Clemens and Terry Nation (a man not entirely unfamiliar with Daleks) and stars two ladies who had a particular kind of fame in Britain at the time. It’s not Chabrol (one is reminded of Le Boucher however in terms of tone, pace, the strangely wordless locals…)  but I suppose it’s a brittle, effective kind of construct with decent production values and the story of two English girls on a cycling holiday tells you what you already know – stick together and NEVER trust a man in uniform. Bizarrely, an Allan McKeown gets credit for hairdressing. And yes it IS the same Allan McKeown who was one of British TV’s most prolific producers as well as being the (late) husband of Tracy Ullman. Who knew? Bizarre.


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