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Broken Arrow (1950)

Broken Arrow poster.jpg

Another screenplay by a blacklisted writer, this time Albert Maltz, ‘fronted’ by the name Michael Blankfort. This has James Stewart as the Army scout who befriends Cochise, the great Apache leader and is the first film that launched an unofficial cycle revising history and pleading for fairness in treatment of Indians (a bit late, after all their land was taken, and they were mostly massacred, but still.) Directed by Delmer Daves, this is a beautifully shot if cliched piece of work. Years later Maltz would write two fabulous films starring Clint Eastwood – Two Mules for Sister Sara and The Beguiled. Interesting too to note that the imposing Will Geer is in a supporting role. He would soon be blacklisted too. He had been a compadre of both Woody Guthrie and Burl Ives in the 1930s and retained a lifelong love of folk music. He formed the Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga Canyon and would later achieve world fame as Grandpa Walton. Take that, HUAC!


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