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After Tonight (1933)

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One of those films that seem simply unwatchable at this remove and didn’t particularly work when they were made. Constance Bennett, the most beautiful of the three acting sisters, is Karen, a woman short of a train ticket in 1914 when Gilbert Roland as Rudy helps her out and she then disappears at a stop before they reach Bern. He meets her again in a different guise, when she is a nurse. He is searching for a spy on behalf of the Austrian Ministry of War. She gets away with passing messages here there and everywhere and when he realises she is a Russian spy she eludes capture when he lets her get away. Then after the war they meet at a Swiss railway station … This bombed when it came out and barring Bennett’s exquisite appearance it is not the fascinating and tense narrative a synopsis might imply. Jane Murfin wrote the story and adapted it with Worthington Miner (a real person) and uncredited assistance from humorist Robert Benchley. Directed by George Archainbaud. more familiar to me from the Hildegarde Withers series (think Miss Marple as schoolteacher detective), this lost so much money for the studio they wanted to get rid of Bennett. She really achieved greater roles after this one, with Topper (1937) being the best of them. Years later, she and Roland got married and produced two children in their five-year union.


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