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It’s Complicated (2009)

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The films of Nancy Meyers, the estimable writer-director, reach a kind of pinnacle here. Divorced baker Jane Adler (Meryl Streep) is remodelling her home ten years after splitting up with Jake (Alec Baldwin), the father of her adult children. While being befriended by her architect, Adam (Steve Martin), her married ex-husband seduces her when they are both drunk at their son’s graduation as the family gather in NYC. And … complications ensue. Naturally it’s smart, funny and filled with telling jibes about the battle of the sexes as well as some home truths about how hard it is to let go of a marriage. Meyers’ history of interrogating Hollywood genres has always been artfully concealed beneath hilarious comic patter and situations and Quentin Tarantino was moved to comment of this that she allowed Ralph Bellamy to get the girl! If you don’t know what that means (or even if you do) you could do worse than check out my book on the subject. Pathways of Desire:  Emotional Architecture in the Films of Nancy Meyers is available on Amazon.

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