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Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)

Vicky Cristina Barcelona poster.jpg

Vicky and Cristina leave the US for a sojourn in Barcelona to, respectively, study Catalan identity (or possibly escape a suffocating engagement) and find something to do, when a newly divorced artist hits on them both. A truly funny adult comedy about sex and marriage and adultery and artists and their muses.(The art is by Agusti Puig.)  One of the later Woody Allen works that came as a total surprise after some serially indifferent work in Europe. This is the first time that Scarlett Johannson seemed like a girl’s girl and Hall is a very fine actress playing a funny role dead straight.(They previously worked on The Prestige together.) Javier Bardem is terrific as the Lothario whose crazy ex (Penelope Cruz) comes back to haunt them all. Allen is so good that we are at risk of underestimating him. This is just great.

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