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Loot (1970)

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The radical playwright and humorist Joe Orton was already dead by the time this was brought to the screen by writers Galton and Simpson (best known for TV’s Hancock) and they effectively flattened out his style to the point where it was basically unrecognisable. Silvio Narizzano, who had previously directed the marvellous Georgy Girl, is on duty here with a cast including Richard Attenborough and Lee Remick with Dick Emery further down the ensemble. Two mates rob a bank and one of them hides the loot in a coffin in the funeral parlour where he works. A gold-digging nurse sniffs an opportunity and there’s a detective (Attenborough) on their trail … Orton was dead even before Entertaining Mr Sloane had been adapted for ITV before its big screen version – murdered by his insanely jealous older lover, who bludgeoned him to death and then took an overdose. He died first because Orton was still warm when their bodies were discovered. To quote Harold Pinter’s eulogy for Orton, “He was a bloody marvellous writer.” But you wouldn’t necessarily know that from this film. Pity.

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