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Mrs Miniver (1942)

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England never looked better than when Hollywood got their paws on it to perfect it. This was adapted from a series of stories by Jan Struther and was designed to invite sympathy and assistance for the embattled old country following the Nazi Blitz. Greer Garson (from Northern Ireland and great aunt to Jamie Dornan …) is the eponymous middle-class wife and mother living in the enormous house with her architect husband (Walter Pidgeon) and two very young children while their oldest, Vin (Richard Ney) is in college and then enlists when war breaks out.While hubby heads out on the Thames one night to Dunkirk she is left to deal with a Nazi in the garden. The local lady of the manor (Dame May Whitty) doesn’t want competition (from Henry Travers – Clarence!) in the rose-growing competition, meanwhile her granddaughter (Teresa Wright) falls for Vin, causing some class issues to erupt… This is still surprisingly effective and its propaganda intent fades into the distance because the performances are so moving, especially by Garson (who won an Academy Award) and Wright. Keep the home fires burning.


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