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Not Tonight Darling! (1971)

Not Tonight Darling movie poster.jpg

Truly grim British skin flick about a lonely suburban housewife (Luan Peters aka Carol Hirsch, Karol Keyes) who is ignored by her solicitor husband John (Jason Twelvetrees) and craves sex – with anyone. She has it in a series of sexcapades including with suave salesman Alex (Vincent Ball) but is subjected to attempted blackmail after being watched by the neighbourhood peeping tom. Ghastly outing whose only redeeming feature (and it’s slight) is the opportunity to see Thunderclap Newman in full flight at a club. Look sharp for a young (and presumably desperate) Samantha Bond. UK movie channel Talking Pictures is doing a good job resurrecting old films but this…? Two minutes of hardcore for the Asian market were never seen in the UK. Fiona Richmond appears as Suzanne while one of the celebrities at the inevitable strip joint is one Derek Nimmo, which is perfectly indicative of the era. Written by Ean Wood (James Pillock) from an original story by Christopher Gregory and directed by Anthony Sloman who once served as Governor of the British Film Institute.

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