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Satan’s Slave (1976)

Satan's Slave poster.jpg

We generally like a bit of cult even if Satan is not our favourite person. As in film, so in life… This bit of erotic-minded tosh from film critic and sex/horror author David McGillivray’s output commences with a witch gathering deep in Surrey and is followed up PDQ with a rape by Stephen, scion of the household. Lovely. Then a girl called Catherine (Candace Glendenning, Rashel from Blake’s 7) on a car trip with her parents to see an uncle they’ve never met, crashes into the entrance to this den of iniquity, the car explodes. So now she’s an orphan. She inexplicably stays in the care of moustachioed Michael Gough as her┬ádoctor uncle, has her folks buried on his property and then waits for her body to be turned into a vessel for ultimate evil. As you do. We don’t dislike McGillivray because he writes for Julian Clary, the most brilliant and outrageous standup comedian I have had the pleasure to see live. But this is really not Sunday morning viewing even if the setting is alarmingly familiar. Ho hum!

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