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The Glass Mountain (1948)

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This is a sentimental favourite of mine, ever since I first saw it one rainy afternoon on Channel 4 many years ago. And now there’s snow and sleet in the air it’s time to break it out again. Broke composer Richard Wilder (Michael Denison) writes a hit song in collaboration with poet Bruce McLeod (Sebastian Shaw) which enables himself and his wife Anne (real-life Mrs Denison, Dulcie Gray) to move out of their garret and into their dream home. WW2 breaks out and they both enlist, he as pilot.  His plane crashes in the Dolomites where he is nursed back to health by Alida (Valentina Cortese) and she tells him the legend of the Glass Mountain which he promises to write as an opera to star fellow rescuer Tito (the great baritone Tito Gobbi). Back home in England he realises his heart is torn between wife and lover as he composes the opera. The plane carrying Anne to Italy where the opera is being performed crashes and he must choose …  A finely tuned story co-written by legendary British producer Joseph Janni, lovely performances and of course the magnificent Gobbi’s voice singing to music composed by Nino Rota. Mountains, music, romance. Fabulous.

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