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The Young Graduates (1970)

The Young Graduates poster.jpg

The world of the cinephile can be both grim and rewarding simultaneously. Here we have Crown’s exploitation version of growing pains and it’s unexpectedly anodyne. A pretty high school senior Mindy (Patricia Wymer from TV’s Malibu U) has a boyfriend Bill (Gary Rist) who tees her off so she starts having sex with one of her married teachers (Steven Stewart), then thinks he’s knocked her up. After watching her ex compete in a drag race she runs off with her best friend Sandy (Marly Holliday) to Big Sur to while away the days awaiting the pregnancy test results and they take up with some bikers which of course means there’s an attempted rape. When there’s a police drugs raid on the hippie commune where they take refuge they’re reunited with their boyfriends, Mindy’s not pregnant and they all go to their final high school dance. There’s a touch of nudity (bien sur), some drug use and pilfering, and nice shots of the Pacific Coast Highway en route to the Sur. Like a lot of exploitation flix there’s some good stuff here but they didn’t have time to teach a lot of the actors their craft. Interesting though to see Bruno Kirby make his debut – he’s billed as B. Kirby Jr. – and Dennis Christopher in his second feature appearance as a hitch hiker. Wymer had previously done two trash films (The Babysitter, The Witchmaker) and a nude spread for a men-only mag but has no credits after this – where is she now? She’s sparky and has great hair! Marly Holliday only has this to her name. I have serious car envy – boy do I want Mindy’s dune buggy to go to the drive-in! Groovy.


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