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Lady Luck (1946)

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Babara Hale is the latest generation of Mary Audrey to fall victim to her elderly relative Frank Morgan’s predilection for gambling – this we learn in an amusing opening montage that brings us up to date in post-war Los Angeles. Then she falls for Robert Young who meets her because of her grandpa’s book – and not the kind she sells in her new bookstore. They get married, she realises he too is an incurable gambler but then  – literally – the tables are turned on him in Vegas. Genetics, you know. Tonally odd, this is ostensibly comedic but anyone who knows someone who married a gambler will feel distinctly discomfited – even if it concludes to everyone’s advantage. Some nice photography in LA and Vegas retains interest. Screenplay by Herbert Clyde Lewis, Frank Fenton and Lynn Root, directed by Edwin L. Marin.

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