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The Virgin Witch (1972)

The Virgin Witch poster.jpg

In my never-ending quest to see some of the most awful films ever committed to celluloid I am aided by The Horror Channel, currently fulfilling its remit with a quota of Brit sexploitation horror. Real-life sisters Ann and Vicki (Allo Allo) Michelle are recruited by a modelling agent for nude shots – but she’s really lining them up as a ritual sacrifice for a coven based in the same country house that we visited in Satan’s Slave. Ah, ‘censor-baiting rubbish’ as IQ Hunter would have it, and so it is. The sisters disavowed it. As did the BBFC who insisted on major cuts to this orgy of lesbianism and satanic excess. Greater London Council gave it an X Cert. Made by the creator of Crossroads and an ITV wrestling commentator. Quelle surprise!  Some people like the soundtrack. Ho hum. This is how I spend Sunday mornings. So you don’t have to.


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