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Strange Bedfellows (1965)

Strange Bedfellows poster.jpg

Rock and La Lollo in London! Oh boy! In an amusing pre-titles sequence the petroleum exec (him) and bohemian artist (her) get married after a one night stand, row constantly and separate for 7 years. Then she wants to marry and requests a divorce which his PR (Gig Young in the Tony Randall role) wants to stop because it’s bad for business. He seduces her and they argue all over again – her politics and general kookiness drive him nuts. But he’s being made the company’s international president …  Then they agree to stay married but she insists on no sex until things are sorted out. Mayhem ensues when her situationist art protest is due to coincide with the boss’ visit. There are some very funny scenes including a taxi conversation and a bedroom situation which no doubt the queer scholars spend their nights poring over. The leads are gorgeous and Terry-Thomas turns up, which is all you want, really! Co-written by Michael Pertwee and director Melvin Frank from a story by him and Norman Panama.

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