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Her First Affaire (1932)

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What a pleasure it is to see actress/director/producer Ida Lupino’s feature debut – a somewhat farcical adaptation (of Frederick Jackson’s play) about a young woman obsessed with the trashy novels of writer Carey Merton (George Curzon) and whom she meets after a meeting contrived because her fiance (Brian Riches) is vaguely related to the man’s wife (Diana Napier). Merton is besieged by female fans and this one could prove the inspiration for a young protagonist since he needs a muse – but she misinterprets his interest for love. When his wife spots them in an awkward clinch she is advised to stage a fake romance with the girl’s fiance to put a stop to¬†everyone’s inappropriate behaviour. Lupino looks nothing like this publicity photograph, taken at a later stage in her career – she is a pulpy teenager, like Shirley Temple’s gorgeous older sister, and she got the role when she accompanied her actress mother to her audition.(Lupino’s bio states she was born in 1918 which makes her extremely – indeed unfeasibly – young for this part … her mother must have choked.) ¬†There are a couple of good jokes about income tax and Waterloo and the whole second half of this short outing (directed by Alan Dwan as he is billed) takes place at a costume party where Merton gets the prize for best getup – he’s wearing his usual silk dressing gown, as you do.






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