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Heartburn (1986)


You know when you really want to like a film a lot more than it permits? Yup, this is the one that got away from Nora Ephron when she was adapting her ‘novel’ which was in fact a dissection of her marriage to womanising Washington Post columnist Carl Bernstein. The scenes go on way too long. They’re not terribly interesting people.  He cheats on her, all too predictably, when she’s pregnant with their second kid. Maybe they should have renovated the house quicker and he would have felt more comfortable at home than in motels with the wife of the English ambassador (Margaret Jay, rather infamously.) Being Ephron, there are some good lines, but they don’t go to our unhappily married couple. When she waddles home to her widowed father, just coming back from Atlantic City with ‘a looker,’ he explains that this is why he hangs around with women,  “I hate men, this is the kind of thing they do.” And we have to agree with him on this one:  “You want monogamy, marry a swan.” Should have done better, Mike Nichols. And Nora, I miss you, but you should have had someone do the adaptation for you. Your dad?! Carbonara, anyone? I’m hungry now.


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