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Sisters of Death (1977)

Sisters of Death poster

Softcore sorority slasher cult exploitation flick? You know I’m there.  This was actually shot in 1972 and isn’t as good as it sounds. We open on an initiation ritual that goes horribly wrong when one of the pledges gets shot in the head in a game of Russian roulette (it happens. Just ask Christopher Walken.)  Seven years later the remaining shrouded ones get mysterious invites to a mansion in the desert and in an updated take on Ten Little Niggers they begin to get offed, one by one – but in a change from that Christie opus, we know who’s behind it. The father of the dead girl is out for revenge … but one of the girls has to be in on it, doesn’t she?  Every time one of them gets separated from the others, well, you can guess. What’s surprising is how many are killed by animals. Then there’s Joe E. Tata (Nat from Beverly Hills 90210‘s Peach Pit) along for the fun until that pesky electric fence gets in his way. I’m with Groucho Marx on people who join clubs, so frankly, the ending is deserved, IMO! Directed by Joseph Massucca.


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