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Long John Silver (1954)

Long John Silver poster

Torrential rain on the 4th of July. Definitely no fireworks. And no more football until … whensday? And Black Sails ended its second series weeks ago on such a HIGH! (Weren’t the last 4 episodes the very definition of sensational?!)  I can’t wait another year so it was time to dial me up some Robert Newton for Aye! Aye! Me hearties! Hoist up the mainsail! Etc. Newton reprises his Treasure Island characterisation under the direction of Byron Haskin again but with a new Jim Hawkins, Kit Taylor. It takes a pirate to catch a pirate so he’s off to rescue the daughter of Governor Strong from the clutches of Mendoza but Jim’s got a rather interesting medallion and so in a double-deal about doubloons, Long John’s interests get diverted back to Treasure Island, Jim is kidnapped and there’s a woman waiting to marry John ashore which gives him ample reason to set sail. (She’s played by the wonderful Connie Gilchrist who was ‘Madame Adelaide’ in Ticket to Tomahawk). Shot in Australia, which is very colourful indeed, almost as much as the piratical shenanigans. Bobby Driscoll’s replacement is accompanied by his father Grant Taylor, as Patch, who would later return to England to star in TV’s Emergency Ward 10. Taylor Jr starred in TV spin-off, The Adventures of Long John Silver guaranteeing his own place in screen pirate lore. Gotta love it!


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