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Safari (1956)

Safari 1956 movie

Victor Mature is the Big White Hunter whose young son has been murdered by houseman Earl Cameron as part of the Mau Mau terrorist attacks on settlers. Mature’s licence is revoked by the British to prevent him hunting down his sworn enemy and avenging his son’s death but when an aristocratic client (John Justin) wants him to lead him to a lion, he uses his influence to have him lead the party. Justin’s fiancee is a sparky chorine (Janet Leigh) who’s ambitious for herself but starts to fall for Mature as both her male interests pursue their prey. Anthony Veiller’s screenplay is based on a story by Robert Buckner and has all the tropes of the great African tales plus dazzling wildlife photography by John Wilcox. It’s all tied together in an exciting adventure directed by Terence Young. Caution: there is hunting and colonial attitudes, as Film 4 found it necessary to warn viewers. Gee whiz I thought they’d all be talking in Swahili and eating chimpanzees. (In reality, the second unit actually was attacked by the Mau Mau. Nice!)


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