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Saint-Tropez Blues (1961)

Saint-Tropez Blues poster

I love the south of France and I’ll take it however I get it. Before it was Eurotrashed it was a charming rackety place filled with fishing villages boasting their share of boho types. Aspiring painter Jean-Paul (Jacques Higelin) persuades his friend Anne-Marie (Marie Laforet) to bunk off from college in Paris to spend a debauched week in St-Trop. They fetch up around the kind of folk for whom sleeping with one another is une politesse.  Laforet makes for a charmingly goofy heroine, trying to protect her virginity and proving equal to the demands of her worldly companions. Her cover is blown with her parents when her midnight nude bathing is photographed in a national magazine. Written (with an assist from Jean-Paul Rappeneau) and directed by Marcel Moussy in a loose, beautifully colourful style that’ll have you itching for une grande vacance. Look sharp for Claude Chabrol whose wife Stephane Audran plays a very cool woman of the world. Happy Bastille Day.


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