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Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973)

Invasion of the Bee Girls poster

Never mind all that DNA we share with bananas. Bananas? What can they do? Now bees, on the other hand … Genetics are the order of the day in this erotic sci-fi horror from that other-worldly era, the Seventies, where a man can’t safely have an al fresco nooner without being stung to death at the height of, uh, stimulation (there’s an irony there, somewhere). B-movie stalwart William (aka Big Bill) Smith has gotten off his motorsickle and donned a suit to become a G-man and he figures out that behind those huge Jackie O! sunglasses Victoria Vetri and Anitra Ford are doing more than having whizz-bang silicone facials in their lab and they are literally Queen Bees who – um – seduce their victims to death. There’s a handy documentary about bees in the middle of it all if you find it hard to keep up.  Nicholas Meyer was horrified at what was done to his screenplay and wanted his name removed, but hey, you can’t always get what you want. He went on to make two fantastic entries in the Star Trek big-screen spinoffs (2 and 6, if you’re interested.) It was shot by Gary Graver, who was Orson Welles’ last cinematographer and who himself directed a couple of ‘adult’ films under a pseudonym. Directed by Denis Sanders.

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