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Bad Teacher (2011)

Bad Teacher movie poster

Cameron Diaz in the role of her career and playing it to the hilt. She’s Elizabeth Halsey, a talentless, lazy middle school teacher in Chicago who has to go back to work when her sugar daddy dumps her. She wants a boob job so will do anything to fund it including trying to seduce a wealthy awkward supply teacher (Justin Timberlake, her real-life ex) and resorts to actually trying to get her useless students to perform when she realises there’s a bonus if she can get them to ace their SATs. She goes from playing them videos every class to becoming a total hard-ass to the astonishment of ultra-competitive and perfectly nutty Lucy Punch and sexy phys ed teacher Jason Segel whom she never notices. She takes things to the extreme when she dons a wig from the school production of Annie and pays an examiner a visit (a preview of coming attractions for Diaz, of course …) This is in awesomely bad taste, an un-PC farrago of outrage, dry humping, cheating, viciousness, nasty put-downs, amorality and rivalry. That it’s all set in a school is what makes it the sweeter. The only lesson learned here is not to get caught. The tagline is great:  ‘She doesn’t give an F!’ Written by the duo of Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg and directed by Jake Kasdan. A sequel has been announced. I for one cannot wait.

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