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Two Weeks Notice (2002)

Two Weeks Notice poster

The sunshine has evaporated in a burst of precipitation and everything is grey and dreary so what better way to while away the dog days of summer than in the company of two seasoned romcommers?  Marc Lawrence writes and directs Sandra and Hugh as, respectively, a badly dressed, klutzy envinromental lawyer and a smooth conscience-less businessman who declares, My life is very much like Monopoly. You know they’re going to clash, then hate each other, then she takes a job working for her nemesis to finance her campaigns, then they get to like each other, then she leaves. Or, not quite. She gives him the titular two weeks’ notice (what, no apostrophe?) and her replacement is a scheming slut (sort of. Not totally, which kinda upsets the romcom writing gods of balanced story structure …) There are smart quips, good lines about buildings and sexual politics and parents and life in general and hey, you know what? It’s really kinda fun. Lawrence had already done Forces of Nature and Miss Congeniality with Bullock and this was the first of four outings with Grant. Their sheer charisma papers over the cracks. And it’s a valentine to New York City.

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