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The Wedding Singer (1998)


Ah the Eighties. Summers waiting tables. Terrible fashion. Great music. I’m there! In fact, I was. And so is this paean to long-ago summers in New Jersey, a warm, witty, hilarious and touching comedy starring … Adam Sandler!?!  He’s jilted by his cruel fiancee on their wedding day and falls for everyone’s favourite girl, Drew Barrymore, waiting tables while waiting for the day her trader fiance finally agrees to setting the date. God this is immensely lovable stuff with Alexis Arquette’s repeated renditions of Do You Really Want to Hurt Me being among some of the many highlights.Written by Tim Herlihy  and directed by Frank Coraci, the stars are so great together it was the first of three they’ve made (so far.) Just watch it. Again and again. Wonderful.


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