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There Was a Young Lady (1953)

There Was a Young Lady dvd cover.jpg

‘The war upset people more than they realise!’ intones the Duke of Chiddingford. Quite.  Michael Denison fires fiancee Dulcie Gray (his real-life wife) from her position at his London jewellery store because she’s so super-efficient at her job she’s showing him up.Then she’s nabbed by a gang of jewel thieves led by Sydney Tafler and sequestered at a country house where she ingratiates herself with them and tries to escape while they pick her brains for what turns out to be unwelcome information about the real worth  of their booty. There is some surprisingly sharp wit in what is at first glance a rather mild comedy featuring an extremely young Geraldine McEwan, distinctively voiced as ever, and Bill Owen, decades away from being a Sunday evening staple. There’s an amusing coda featuring some Very Naughty Boys. Denison and Gray were famously long married, starring together in several films, including The Glass Mountain, and Gray was also a writer of mystery and detective stories as well as being a keen conservationist of butterflies.  She died just before her 96th birthday in 2011.Co-written by director Lawrence Huntington.

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