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Crow Hollow (1952)

Crow Hollow still.png

Medic Donald Houston brings his new wife Natasha Parry to the eponymous family seat after a whirlwind romance. The dark Victorian mansion is occupied by his three elderly and eccentric aunts. Parry sleeps in a scary bedroom and comes to believe she is under threat. The  obsession becomes deadly when the attractive housemaid Willow gets stabbed. Parry believes it was a fate meant for her and decides to investigate for herself. Vivian Milroy adapted the novel by Dorothy Eden, responsible for many of my favourite midcentury Gothic romances and this certainly fills the criteria with the bride in jeopardy, the spooky house and the sense of existential – and then very real – threat. This  is decidedly B territory (it’s a Merton Park Production – just how many studios were there around London in those days?!) but worth seeing for the leads, and of course for Eden completionists like myself. Houston puts in his usual effective performance, Parry is stunning and it’s wonderful seeing Patricia Owens playing Willow. This was a few years before she was ‘discovered’ and flown to Hollywood, her first starring role being in Island in the Sun. I happened upon this quite accidentally thinking the title rang a bell. Thank goodness for the Talking Pictures channel on wet summer days. Directed by Michael McCarthy.

Crow Hollow book cover.jpg


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