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Love and Cool Water (1976)

Julien Clerc album cover.jpg

D’amour et d’eau fraiche being the originating title. In five years of high school French I only heard one individual expressing themselves en francais naturel and it was this chap, Julien Clerc, the famously charming French chanteur. One song. Three minutes. In five years. That’s language teaching for you. I ask you. Well I suppose Mademoiselle couldn’t exactly have screened this. A story of a bespectacled breast fetishist who is shacked up with Annie Girardot, who’s left her other boyfriend for him, but he fantasises about Dutch hippie Miou-Miou whom he meets in a cafe and they go on a road trip. There are some barbs about the bourgeoisie but that’s about it. Except that Clerc and the married Miou-Miou commenced a relationship on set that lasted five years – coincidentally the length of my education in high school French … C’est tout. Written and directed by Jean-Pierre Blanc.

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