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The VIPs (1963)

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As summer’s lease expires,why not holiday in grand style and spend your fogbound autumnal hours in the company of people who dress up to take a flight? Those must have been the days – when turning right did not mean encountering the tracksuited hoi polloi and getting a DVT from squeezing your long legs into Economy. Director Anthony Asquith had been quite the radical filmmaker but settled into prestigious well-made dramas so a Terence Rattigan screenplay about the jet set and their crises in the departure lounge at Terminal 3 when their NYC flight is delayed at Heathrow proved just the ticket:  Grand Hotel in the airport (disasters could come along a decade later). Taylor and Burton were at the height of their affair and they play out a romantic drama – she’s leaving him for smooth Louis Jourdan, he’s going to pieces. The glorious actress Gloria Gritti (Elsa Martinelli) is with her producer Svengali Max Buda (Orson Welles) as he tries to persuade her to play Mary Stuart while waiting for the flight to save him from a tax bill. Businessman Les Mangrum (Rod Taylor) is desperate to save his company and his secretary Miss Mead (Maggie Smith) comes to the rescue. That’s Linda Christian as his beautiful wife. Oh, the female pulchritude! Margaret Rutherford is faking wealth as a Duchess and she has some great scenes, especially with real-life husband Stringer Davis. She got an Academy Award for her trouble. I want to be her when I grow up!  Fetch me my flight bag and my fake fur, I have a BOAC to catch.

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