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L’Enfer (1993)

L'Enfer poster.jpg

Hotelier Francois Cluzet marries beyond beautiful Emmanuelle Béart and as the years pass and they have a child he descends into alcohol dependency and fantasises that his wife is having an affair with everyone she encounters – friends, visitors and staff alike. His paranoid hallucinations become embarrassing when he misinterprets mundane home movie footage and has a meltdown in front of the guests. Then – like a lot of crazy people – he persuades a doctor that it is his wife who is mad and she must be admitted as a psychiatric casualty … This exerts a fascination beyond the surface attractions of a psychological thriller by the master Claude Chabrol because it is based on an unfinished project by Henri-Georges Clouzot starring Romy Schneider, itself the subject of a documentary. Cluzet is utterly believable as the man sliding from everyday jealousy into total insanity while Béart is stunning as his seductive wife. Like they say, marriage is murder. And the ending? Well. You can see for yourself.

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