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Delivery Man (2013)

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The redeeming and recuperating potential of paternity is the root of this very contemporary comedy about sperm donation and its many consequences. Useless meat truck delivery driver Vince Vaughn is immature, owes money and his policewoman girlfriend has just announced she’s pregnant when he discovers that his moneymaking activities in a clinic when he was in his twenties have yielded 533 children of whom 142 want him unmasked. This potentially lurid story manages to be both candid and sweet, principally through a well-managed screenplay by director Ken Scott (adapted from Starbuck by himself and Martin Petit for the earlier French-Canadian version) which places notions of family at the centre of everything. Vaughn decides against the advice of BFF Chris Pratt, stay at home dad of four chaotic children and on-off lawyer, and plays guardian angel to some of the hundreds of children he has unwittingly fathered when the clinic gave his donation to way too many recipients. We meet a few of them:  an aspiring actor wasting his life as a barista;  a basketball star;  a drug addict; a disabled man. He follows them and does them favours until his creditors beat up his dad who runs the family meat business and he has to follows the clinic into court to retain his anonymity. Meanwhile, his girlfriend is approaching her due date … A film about a very modern problem which asks questions about identity, family and fatherhood and doesn’t blame anyone for this social chaos – at all!

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