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Wanderlust (2012)

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Jennifer Aniston is such a cool girl and has been for … at least two decades. So technically she’s a woman, but you know what I mean. Comedians – or comediennes – are never sufficiently appreciated, and she suffers from that appellation, even after the really terrific Cake, which exhibited a much wider and affective dramatic range in her performance. This is a woman who copes tonally with black comedy like few other performers (feel free to supply your own Brangelina joke…) She’s a filmmaker whose environmental documentaries are greeted with derision at pitch sessions (really funny) and she made $700 last year so hubby Paul Rudd is carrying the can with their newly acquired mortgage for a teeny NYC studio (the scene with the realtor selling it as a ‘micro loft’ is hilarious). Then he loses his job, it’s no longer a micro loft, it’s a studio worth damn all, and they hit the road to go to his smug brother for help but find themselves lost late at night at a commune called Elysium, greeted by a nudist. They get taken in, see way too much, then they flee to Rudd’s brother, hate it, they return and find themselves embracing a very alternative lifestyle, with Justin Theroux principal amongst the nudie/vegan/druggie society-shunners. Elder statesman Alan Alda has however some family secrets … This is a belly laugh film, making some good points about what is valued right now, losing your job, following your dream, dealing with the financial crisis, and how to survive marriage. Pretty funny, this was co-written by director David Wain. The tagline Leave Your Baggage Behind is a great message. Who wants anything more on a dark autumn night? #TeamJennifer

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