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The Finest Hours (2016)

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When I was a kid a friend raved to me about a film we’d both seen the previous night on TV, The Cassandra Crossing. But, I argued, what if they’d used all that money on a really good script instead? Nobody sets out to make a bad film – think of the man hours, the talent, the sheer budgets involved in mainstream filmmaking, not to mention the P&A. And yet … and yet. Here we are. Casey Sherman and Michael J. Touglas wrote a book about a daring Coast Guard rescue of a sinking trawler on the eastern seaboard off Cape Cod in 1952. We’ve sort of been here before with The Perfect Storm and that was dark and murky too and we didn’t much care about the outcome. Chris Pine stars as the brave one, Holliday Grainger is the love interest and … Ben Foster is one of the crew and Casey Affleck (who still needs a vocal implant) is sinking in tanker the SS Pendleton. If anyone had cared about how this film was received they might have concluded that starting it in the dark and staying there for 20 minutes was not advisable. Having a murky meet-cute in a bar where people barely speak comprehensible English and some ill-explained dispute between Pine and an ugly guy (one of many in this outing) doesn’t help. Ruining wonderful Eric Bana the station commander with a grey toupee also does not assist interest in the already diminishing returns. I’m all for verismilitude but not like this. Casting, people, casting. Cinematography? Switch on the lights for chrissakes. Unwatchable. Let ’em drown.

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