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Weiner (2016)

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A fly on the wall account of the NYC politician whose dick pix have supplied The New York Post with so many great headlines – the most recent being The Stroking Gun (subtitled: Dickileaks) after his computers were seized and used by the head of the FBI to derail Hillary Clinton’s Presidential run 10 days ago. It’s all apparently in the name (mispronunciation notwithstanding) as the 2011 revelations of his Twitter-ised selfies didn’t stunt his progress and this 2013 mayoral election campaign features uncomfortable exchanges, cringe-making behaviour and utterly tawdry conversations with an individual who has no filter or apparent understanding of himself or anything else besides. Directors Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg just let the cameras roll – until Huma Abedin, Weiner’s wife and Clinton’s right-hand woman, finally asks them to stop during one especially embarrassing argument. It becomes clear that he has continued sexting pictures and one 23-year old recipient is all over the media (tattooed back and all – how would people see it I wonder ….) ready to doorstep Weiner and his wife after he’s got a rotten 4.9% in the election and de Blasio is being sworn in by Bill Clinton. This is a film about judgement. And how bad it is for everyone concerned (did Hillary never think about the optics? Bet Chelsea’s not surprised about her ‘second daughter’!) and the end credits provide the topper … that following the conclusion there were more pictures this past Summer and Abedin finally separated from him. We don’t see them of course – but apparently the most offensive had a bulging crotch beside his sleeping son. No. No judgement! Gruesome.


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