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Housesitter (1992)

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She’s turning his house into a home …. hers! I can never have enough of Goldie Hawn. She’s Gwen, the con artist/waitress who has a one night stand with architect Netwon Davis (Steve Martin), grief-stricken over longtime girlfriend Becky (Dana Delany) refusing to marry him and move into the dream house he’s designed for them in their small town. On the brink of reconciliation he arrives home to find Gwen has moved in, bought furnishings and food on his account and befriended his folks – having introduced herself as his new wife! Never let a crisis become a disaster:  Newton uses the situation to mend long-broken relationships. Both of them are liars, both of them use each other to get some sort of ultimate truth and personal salvation and in Newton’s case, a promotion at work.  Goldie jungle dances, Steve sings Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ra and we all have a darned good time as they hit the comic beats perfectly. They make a great comedy duo. Hawn is especially good at creating a fully rounded character that expands the drama beneath. And there’s a good closing line. Which is just what the doctor ordered. Directed by Frank Oz and written by Mark Stein from a story he wrote with Brian Grazer.

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