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Dad’s Army (2016)

Dad's Army movie poster.jpg

A glamorous journalist turns up in Walmington-on-Sea in 1944 and drives all the Home Guard mad with desire while she appears to write a story about them for The Lady, that wellspring of serious journalism. Since she’s that born-to-be-a-movie-broad Catherine Zeta-Jones, you can understand. This adaptation/remake/reboot of the beloved BBC series is a valiant attempt to inject new life into an old dog that doesn’t actually need it, since it’s still running on Saturday nights and nobody’s complaining, me least of all. Norman Cohen directed an earlier feature by the original writers Jimmy Perry and David Croft, here Oliver Parker is working with material devised from an early episode by Hamish McColl. It’s very well cast – Toby Jones is Mainwaring, Bill Nighy is Wilson, Michael Gambon is Godfrey, Daniel Mays is our beloved spiv Walker … and there are some good visual jokes. If it doesn’t quite plumb the anti-Establishment comic vein of the source material it’s not bad and has a nice turnabout using the women we only heard about in the show for a rather satisfying conclusion. A pleasant diversion from the outgoing US President’s declaration that reunified Germany is now the leader of the free world. Well colour me surprised. Who do you think you are kidding, indeed.


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