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The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years (2016)

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Who are The Beatles? Get me The Beatles! Get me hepcats that sound like The Beatles! Get me a young Beatles! Who are The Beatles? Imagine a world where The Beatles never existed. It’s not easy if you try. The story of their early years: the tours, the fans, the madness, the constant travel; the songwriting; the link between Lennon and McCartney; the moment Ringo joined and made them a band; playing in sports stadia through Tannoys;  the impossible demands; not being able to hear themselves onstage, not being able to hear what they really needed, inside;  endless contracts, their democratic structure (all four agreed or not at all); and the constancy of their friendship;  the final concert in Candlestick Park, SF, August 1966; the way they used their difficulties to create even more majestic music when they retreated to the recording studio. And the end. Before any of them had reached the age of 30. Ron Howard uses stills, archive footage, latterday interviews with stars who are fans, journalists who accompanied them, director Richard Lester who made their films – rush-released cos nobody thought they’d last – composer Howard Goodall who rates them with Mozart and Schubert, new interviews with McCartney and Starr (DPd by Caleb Deschanel, not too shabby) and the songs. The songs. I sang along like I was in the front row of their concerts. All of it is contextualised with news footage of another, troubled time and we’ve seen a lot of this before, but it’s the music. The music will never die. Soundtrack of my life. Written by Mark Monroe and PG Morgan.

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