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The Masquerader (1933)

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What’s better than a Ronald Colman movie? A Ronald Colman movie with TWO Ronald Colmans! And this pre-Code drama about a dissolute English politician John Chilcote whose drug-taking is threatening to wreck his career is a curate’s egg in the sense that while both Colman as the politico and the (obviously identical) cousin, journalist John Loder, who impersonates him to save his reputation both generate very different kinds of heat, you’re looking for the physical seams and if you look hard enough you can spot them. However it’s the content which is truly surprising and this is an adaptation of a pretty nifty novel by Katherine Cecil Thurston which was then turned into a play by John Hunter Booth and very well served in Howard Estabrook’s interpretation, gifted by some great dialogue by Moss Hart. What a team! There are great scenes in parliament and with the women in the man/men’s life – both  Elissa Landi as the estranged wife and Juliette Compton as the mistress give incredibly good performances. Halliwell Hobbes is marvellous as loyal servant Brock. Really, some sharp stuff for its day and some lovely London fog! Shot by Gregg Toland and directed by Richard Wallace. And for another Ronald Colman ‘double’ don’t forget he did the same in The Prisoner of Zenda!

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