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The Devil to Pay! (1930)

The Devil to Pay poster.jpg

A fun drama with Ronald Colman as the black sheep of a posh family who’s sold up in Africa and is back to try his luck in England with the money he’s left – which is damn all after he’s bought a cute dog in a pet shop. He catches up with old flame showgirl Myrna Loy and then returns home to take the heat from Papa but inadvertently gets in the way of the engagement of beautiful and wealthy Loretta Young whose grand┬áduke fiance is ┬ánot impressed. Colman is great in a spirited performance in which he has a lot of colours, and all of them are charming as he is spied on, tested and does something unexpected. We can pretty much foretell the ending but it’s an entertaining watch. And that dog is great! Written by Frederick Lonsdale and Benjamin Glazer as a follow up to Bulldog Drummond, with music by Alfred Newman, cinematography by Gregg Toland (and George Barnes) and all handled neatly by director George Fitzmaurice who replaced Irving Cummings.

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